• Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    Understanding WCF
    Defining Service and Data Contracts
    Building a Service
    Hosting a Service
    Managing Endpoints
    Exposing Metadata
    Calling a WCF Service
  • Creating the Service Layer Using Web API
    What is Web API?
    Exposing Services and Data
    Types of Clients that Can Work with Web API
    Creating a Web API Service
    Working with Web API Controllers
    Understanding Web API Action Results
    Working with Data
    Filtering Requests
    Routing and Web API
    Creating Web API Help Pages
    Creating REST Services with Web API
    Configuring Web API
    Securing a Web API
    Using a Web API with MVC
  • Integration of WCF service with MVC
    Basics of WCF service creation
    WCF and its types of contracts
    How to consume the WCF service with MVC
    Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC, Web API and AngularJS
    What is the Architecture of a Single-Page Application?
    What is AngularJS?
    Understanding the AngularJS Architecture
    Including AngularJS within the Page
    Building AngularJS Controllers
    Creating an AngularJS Template to Define a View
    Using CSS3 Properties to Perform Animation Effects