Oracle Cloud 12C

Overview of Cloud Services

  • Cloud Services
  • Oracle Database Cloud Offerings
  • Subscribe to an Oracle Cloud Service

Creating a Database Deployment

  • Comparing a Database Deployment and a Database Instance
  • Database Cloud Service Architecture
  • Features and Tooling
  • Automated Database Provisioning
  • Comparison: Database Deployment and an On-Premises Database
  • Using the Wizard to Create a Database Deployment
  • How SSH Key Pairs are Used & Creating an SSH Key Pair
  • Storage Used for Database Files & File System Layout

Administering a Database Deployment

  • Using the Oracle Cloud My Services Dashboard
  • Viewing the Service Details & Using the Database Cloud Service Console
  • Configuring Connections to the Compute Node
  • Oracle Cloud User Roles and Privileges & Administering Users, Roles, and Privileges
  • Managing Compute Node Users
  • Managing Database Users and Privileges
  • Scaling a Database Deployment
  • Patching & Upgrading a Database Deployment

Backing Up and Recovering

  • Backing Up and Recovering Database Deployments
  • Using Utilities to Back Up and Recover the Database Deployment
  • Choosing a Backup Destination & Default Backup Configuration
  • Creating an On-Demand Backup
  • Changing the Backup Destination
  • Customizing the Backup Configuration
  • Performing Recovery by Using the Console
  • Performing Recovery by Using the dbaascli Utility

Use Case: Create a Database Deployment by Using a Production Database Backup

Overview of Oracle Cloud Security

  • Cloud Security Guidelines
  • Enforcing Security in a Database Deployment
  • Physical and Operating System Security of the Compute Node
  • User Authentication: Services and Compute Node Access
  • User Authentication: Database Access

Configuring Network Access to a Database Deployment

  • Describing Network Access to the Compute Node and Database
  • Creating Security Lists & Configuring Connections to the Compute Node
  • Implementing Fine-Grained Control of Network Traffic
  • Controlling Network Traffic & Network Security
  • Defining Security Rules
  • Accessing the Database Using Various Tools

Using Oracle DBaaS Monitor

  • Managing the Database
  • Monitoring the Database
  • Managing and Monitoring the Listener
  • Monitoring the Operating System

Implementing Database Deployment Security

  • Secure Access to Configuration Files on the Compute Node
  • Backing Up Operating System and Database Configuration Files
  • Restricting Access to the Database
  • Protecting Data in the Database Deployment
  • Tablespace Encryption by Default
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE): Overview
  • Auditing: Compute Node Connections and Actions
  • Auditing: Database

Use Case: Configure Network Isolation

Overview of Migrating to Oracle Database Cloud Service

  • Choosing a Migration Method: Considerations
  • Choosing a Migration Method: Information Gathering
  • Choosing a Method: Oracle Data Pump Considerations
  • Choosing a Method: Unplug/Plug and Remote Cloning Considerations
  • Choosing a Method: RMAN, SQL*Loader, and GoldenGate Considerations
  • Applicable Migration Methods

Using SQL Developer to Migrate

  • Overview of Using SQL Developer
  • Using SQL Developer and INSERT Statements to Migrate Selected Objects
  • Using SQL Developer and SQL*Loader to Migrate Selected Objects

Use Case: Automated Patching of Database Cloud Service

Overview of DBCS Performance Management

  • Performance Management in the Database Cloud Environment
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Tuning Methodology
  • Effective Tuning Goals
  • General Tuning Session
  • What Can be Tuned in a DBCS Environment?

Tuning Performance Issues

  • Tools for Performance Management
  • DBaaS Monitor: Database Information & Operating System Information
  • Identifying Performance Issues by Using the DBaaS Monitor
  • Using the Enterprise Manager Database Express Performance Hub
  • Identifying Performance Issues by Using Enterprise Manager Database Express
  • Identifying Performance Issues by Using SQL Developer
  • Using ADDM to Diagnose Performance Issues
  • Using the SQL Tuning Advisor

Performance Management

  • Database Deployment Scaling: Overview
  • Database Resource Manager
  • Using Resource Manager to Control PDB Resource Usage
  • Controlling Resource Usage by Consumer Groups
  • Determining When to Scale Up the Database Deployment
  • Scaling Up CPU and Memory

Using REST APIs to Manage Oracle Database Cloud Service

  • What is Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)?
  • Key Principles of Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • What Does ORDS Do?
  • ORDS and Database Cloud Service
  • Using REST APIs in Oracle Cloud
  • Using REST APIs with Database Cloud Service
  • Using cURL and REST APIs
  • Reference: REST API HTTP Status Codes

Deleting a Database Deployment

  • What Happens When You Delete a Database Deployment?
  • How Can You Delete a Database Deployment?

Use Case: Creating a Cloned Database Deployment from a Snapshot