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Smart Attendance System

To maintain the attendance record with day to day activities is a challenging task. The conventional method of calling name of each student is time consuming and there is always a chance of proxy attendance. Our system is based on face recognition to maintain the attendance record of students. The daily attendance of students is recorded student wise which is stored in the database.

As the time for the corresponding student arrives the system automatically starts taking snaps and then apply face detection and recognition technique to the given image and the recognize students are marked as present and their attendance update with corresponding time and student id. We have used deep learning techniques to develop this system, histogram of oriented gradient method is used to detect faces in images and deep learning method is used to compute and compare facial feature of students to recognize them. Our system is capable to identify multiple faces in real time.

Log Visualization System

One of the great things about the Oracle database is level of diagnostics and performance data that is available from it. Used in conjunction with good instrumentation from the applications generating the workload on the database, it’s a brilliant way – arguably, the only way – to accurately and efficiently get to the bottom of any performance problems that arise. By analyzing what the database is doing at a point in time we can understand more about the load that it is under, and by looking at how a given session executes we can identify optimization opportunities for it.

The data is available natively through some of the V$ system views, and exposed through Enterprise Manager, and tools such as SQL Developer. What we’re going to show in this article is how you can make use of the open-source Elastic stack (also called ELK)  – comprising Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana – to extract this data and visualize it as an alternative to the aforementioned options.

Funneling System

End to End Digital Lead generation with the growing need of technology gone are the days of cold calling for lead generation, world need to adopt new technologies for more qualified leads which meets exact business demand. With our technology driven funneling process, entire hassle to generate lead are now almost atomized.
Using our simplified and tested funneling system (Landing Web Page, Funnel page & Ad campaign) we can help you to showcase your brand and generate lead at minimal cost.