Changing the session time in back

–step 1
select * from REGION_ANI;
dbms_flashback.enable_at_time(to_timestamp(’12-03-14 17:26:06′,’dd-mm-yy hh24:mi:ss’));
–step 2
select * from REGION_ANI;
–step 3
–run below commands from sys user
–grant execute on dbms_flashback to claims;
–create synonym claims.dbms_flashback for dbms_flashback;

The syntax for enabling flashback query will accept either a timestamp or an SCN.
If you use an SCN, then the point to which the flashback goes is precise. If you specify
a time, it will be mapped onto an SCN with a precision of three seconds.

You can query the database as of an earlier point in time, but you
can never execute DML against the older versions of the data.